Arako Space

P h o t o g r a p h y



Arako finds its inspiration in the soul of big cities. His poetic and transformed vision of the city delivers a new space of freedom, hypnotic and singular. Arako Space's photographs convey to us its physical relationship to space. His desire to reveal the aesthetic importance of reality is transformed and reinvented with color by reappropriation. This constant tension between the certain and the imaginary invokes optical disturbance. In front of his works, we fabricate our own evidences of wandering and delusion.

Street Art

"I am fascinated by this mode of expression because beyond their unconditional talent, street artists transmit messages of singular power."


"Despite its straight lines and neutral colors, architecture knows how to be extremely poetic and hypnotic."


"A combination of colors, textures, light ... for a unique purpose ... a journey into my world through the visual and the imagination."


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  • Paris France